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Increasing Your Business OnTheIsland! is the ultimate website reference for Long Island! Starting with your local Chambers of Commerce and other business and trade associations, we are uniting Long Island businesses and local events into one unique and exciting website. This is more than just an on-line yellow pages! Local associations will be keeping us current on what's happening all across Long Island. From Fairs and festivals, Church, Temple and School events, to The Goodwill and the Empire Games. This is a site Long Island residents will come back to again and again!

Of course, they'll also be checking in on a regular basis to find businesses like yours! Every day, more and more people are throwing out their dull, limited yellow pages and clicking on-line into the interactive world of the web to find the companies with whom they would like to do business. They need complete information--More than just the tidbits that can be squeezed into a tiny, yellow page box! OnTheIsland space is unlimited! Invite your customers in to browse your very own virtual store! Don't have a website yet? No problem! Graphic Details is a full-service web design company. Fill out the form below and we'll build your new store OnTheIsland. Give your potential customers all the information they need to make the decision to buy from you!

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Complete this form to build your business OnTheIsland.

Attention: Some browsers do not handle forms. If you have any difficulties you may email your response to this form to

  1. Select your preferences for how you would like your directory listing to appear.

  2. Select your desired Web Page options if you would like us to create a complete Web Page for you.

  3. Complete the Company Profile sections of the form, as they pertain to your desired options.

  4. Read the terms and conditions below.

  5. Click on the SUBMIT button.

  6. Expect a response from us within 3 business days to verify your information. If you have not heard from us within that period of time, please contact us via e-mail to confirm that
    we have received your request.

Directory Listing Options & Pricing

Select, from the following options, you preferences as to how you would like your directory listing to appear.

"Business card" display listing (approx. 2"x3" text box)
Annual fee $50

In-line grahic (logo or clipart) to appear next to your name
Annual fee $35

Bold listing directory upgrade
Annual fee $25

Basic FREE listing. Includes Company name, address & phone
No annual fee or set-up charges

Virtual Store Options & Pricing

Select, from the following options, you preferences as to how you would like your website to appear.

I want my own Full Page Site! Includes one page (approx. 8.5"x11") with text, one picture and one logo (total file size approx. 50k). Includes FREE bonus 1/4 screen ad & bold listing in our Directory OnTheIsland.
Set-up fee $350
*First Year Maintenance is FREE!

I need more space! Additional pages, per page, (same size as above) added to initial page.
Set-up fee $195 per page
*First Year Maintenance is FREE!

I have an existing site I would like to link in!
Set-up fee $50
*Maintenance First Year is FREE!

*Maintenance charges are based on bi-annual billing with the first six months paid in advance.

Your Company Profile

Insert your information as you would like to have it appear in your directory listing and/or website.

Company name:


Street: Town:

Zip: E-mail:

Current Website Address:

Phone: Fax:

Type of Product or Service:

Continue filling out the rest of this form if you wish to open a virtual store OnTheIsland by having us create a web site and/or a business card listing for the directory. We will contact you within 2-3 business days to confirm the information and set up billing. At that time you may submit a logo and photo that you would like to have appear on your page. If you are only interested in a free listing in our directory, click on SUBMIT now.

List any additional product or service information you would like customers to know about. Include 3 reasons why people should
choose to do business with you :

Specializing in:

Association Memberships:

Years in Business: Hours:

Credit cards accept:ed:
Master Card
American Express
Diners Club
Multiple items may be chosen.

Click on SUBMIT now to send your information. We will contact you as soon as possible to verify your information. If you have any additional questions, please e-mail us at Thank you, and welcome from all of us OnTheIsland.

By clicking the SUBMIT button you agree to adhere to the terms and conditions below.

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Terms and conditions: Design fees are due up front and are non-refundable. First six months of maintenance is due upon connection of site to the internet. Connection will not be made until maintenance is paid. Maintenance fees will be paid in six-month increments on a pay-as-you-go basis. No long term contract is implied. Service may be cancelled at any time, by either party. Any prepaid maintenance fees are non-refundable. All graphics supplied by Graphic Details, including, but not limited to, logos, photos, icons, buttons, bars, assorted artwork, etc. are protected by copyright and remain the property of Graphic Details and/or it's associates. No guarantees of any kind are written or implied. Graphic Details is not responsible for site content or errors in text. Graphic details assumes no liability for any lawsuits or legal actions or claims resultant from site content or otherwise. The opinions expressed within the site are solely those of the persons or businesses represented and are disassociated with Graphic Details. Graphic Details takes no responsibility for any claims made by any parties within the site or elsewhere.

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